Welcome to S.U.S Design Center

Strategically located in the heart of Johor Bahru (Menara Landmark), there lies a design school that has been established in the year of 2004. SUS design school provides quality education in the field of Multimedia and Digital design for the last decade.

Our Vision:
To produce competent students in the field of graphic and multimedia design, for them to have a placement in relevant fields for today’s competitive society.

Our Commitment:
Provide exceptional teaching and ample resources to equip our students with values, skills and discipline in today’s challenging society.

SUS constantly seeks for collaboration with related industries to allow our students to have hands-on experience. Our courses are being taught by professionals, bringing our students with diverse wealth of knowledge.

Our Mission

S.U.S’s mission is to be recognized as the Malaysia’s leading example of an open, integrated intellectual community.

This means that we aim to:

  • To provide a broad-based education
  • To place a high value on interdisciplinary education and research
  • To produce graduates with a wide range of intellectual and personal skills well-suited to the 21st century environment
  • To provide academic, residential and commercial activities in an attractive study environment
  • To use our assets to the benefit of local, regional and national communities
  • To work in partnership with private and public sector partners
  • To be recognized as a leading academic conference venue